Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Greetings from Slidell, LA!

This week, Alonso visited Amy in Louisiana.

On his FIRST day I took him 30 miles across Lake Ponchartrain to New Orleans to a concert I happened to be going to. (No, Alonso didn't actually GET to hear Amos Lee sing, because I feared he'd become grubby with the scent of the French Quarter...but he had a lovely ride in the car. )

He saw some fabulous old buildings, the kind that make New Orleans famous!

Alonso also had a close call with a lovely little baby named Audrey and he managed to escape drooldom.

Then Alonso hitched a ride with us to Fontainebleau State Park‎ in Mandeville, LA, about 20 miles from Slidell, where he slept for a week or so in our little home. He was a good green monster at the beach although I did catch him making eyes at some ladies... He got to enjoy the sand, sun and waves! I'm afraid he might have got a little bit of a sunburn though...hopefully he makes it on okay to his next home!

Next stop: Minnesota!

Thanks again to Amy for hosting Alonso. Make sure to check out her site: