Friday, March 5, 2010

Greeting from Delaware!

Meet Alonso.

He's just your typical green, furry monster living in a cosy college town in Delaware. Bored with a life filled with sitting at the foot of my bed, Alonso decided to set out and see the world as a part of my long-term duration project for my ART117 class. With the help of some fellow crafters and the power of the internet, we were able to coordinate a grand tour of the US and Canada.

And Alonso's grand journey began here: the University of Delaware campus.

Alonso sitting in front of Memorial Hall at the center of campus.

Going to Recitation Hall, another brick addition to the campus and home of some of Delaware's fine art facilities.

Hanging in the drawing studio.

Alonso's close friends, the goats.

See you soon!

Alonso will soon be on his way to his first destination: Texas.