Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Greetings from Mesquite, TX!

This week, Alonso visited Mesquite, TX, a little city just outside of Dallas.

First, he went to the Famous Mesquite Texas Rodeo and climbed some Spring blossom trees there.

He also visited the Blue Bell Creamerie (which is a famous Texas Ice Cream) and Mesquite Town Square, which houses the gazebo in front of a music/theater performance stage and the Rodeo City Music Hall.

In the town square was a taxidermy shop (he covered his eyes for that one).

He visited a park and where he fed the ducks and went down the slide.

Last but not least... he trained on a firefighter tower, (in which he trespassed to do so).

He was so tired, he had to be escorted home in a baby stroller.

Next Stop: Oregon!

Thanks to Lisa for hosting Alonso. Be sure to check out her work: