Monday, March 29, 2010

Greetings from Ontario, OR!

This week Alonso visited Alexz in Oregon!

Welcome to Ontario, where Oregon Begins! Ontario sits on the border of Oregon and Idaho and is known for its farming and the Oregon trail starts here!

Alonso visited one of our many Oregon trail attractions and took a ride in a covered wagon. He was a little weary of the oxen at first, but he warned up quickly to them.

Next up was our historical train depot. I may be getting married here at this beautiful building, so he helped me scope it out and then he waited patiently at the train stop to hitch a ride.

Next, Alonso paid his respect to our local fallen soldiers at our college memorial site.

Next stop was Cairo Elementary, where I attended school and my mom has worked for the last 20 years! He really wanted to see the bear, so we had to stop.

Bet you didn't know Ontario is the onion capital of the world?! It is true!

Finally, Alonso came to work with me and helped out my kindergartner students who really fell in love with him and begged him to stay here in Ontario.

Next stop: Illinois!

Thank you again to Alexz for hosting Alonso. Make sure you check out her work: